Building my first AR-15 was an eye-opening experience. I soon found out that creating a unique weapon system on a budget was no easy task. It was then that I realized that there was a need for one-stop shopping for full AR-platform customization while maintaining affordable entry-level pricing. Drawing upon my Maritime Military Service, a new company was formed – Trident Weapon Design LLC.

Our mission is simple: Produce modern, lightweight, dependable firearms, using the exact same components and fabrication procedures as the top-tier manufacturers; all while providing these weapons at a reasonable economical cost. Custom magazine well engravings, Cerakote colorings, and Hydrodip patterns are all at your disposal when you design a firearm at Trident.

We love building guns! If one of our weapon systems isn’t right for your needs, we invite you to send us a note over at the ARMORY; we would love to work with you to create your very own dream build. Save hundreds off a full retail build with our FFL wholesale dealer accounts.I appreciate you taking the time to read about our company, and we look forward to building your next fully customized AR-platform weapon!-Shane O’Keefe Owner, Trident Weapon Design LLC